MT-100-1 Egg cleaning and grading machine

Egg cleaning machine mainly use to clean eggs, after cleaning, disinfection, drying, oiling process, egg surface is clean, then it can keep a longer life, greatly improve the quality and safety of fresh eggs.


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(a) egg device: the eggs will be carried by egg device, its specification is 6*5=30 eggs, they will deliver to the lanes (egg device customer need prepare by yourselves) ;
(b)candling: workers can pick up the cracked eggs, broken eggs and other inferior eggs with special light.
(c) Spray disinfection: the spray liquid heating, spraying the egg surface disinfectant;
(d) Brush cleaning: After disinfection then brush cleaning, all eggs’ body can cleaning well with special nylon brush.
(e) Drying system: low temperature drying, remove the water attached to the egg surface (low temperature air-dried, will not cause damage to egg quality);
(f) Coding work place: reserved for Coding work place, customer will buy spray machine by yourself ,can be sprayed on the surface of the shell of a variety of enterprise information required, including the production date, trademarks, etc .;
(g) Injection system: the use of special devices, so that the formation of protective liquid mist, adhesion in the clean egg surface, a surface protective film to achieve the purpose of egg products preservation (this device for national patent);
(h) Electronic grading: the use of electronic weighing system, according to the weight of eggs divided into seven, ordered from large to small order;
(i) Electric control system: PLC control program, can count the number of eggs at different levels of statistics, and set the machine work efficiency, a variety of process parameters, and test the working status of the system

2、technical parameters
Model: MT-100-1
L * W * H: 17.3M * 4.4M * 2.1M
Power: 24KW
Capacity: 8000-10000 pieces / hour
3、suitable for: fresh eggs, fresh duck eggs, salted duck eggs